January 2-8, 2020

Pray for:
  • The Manzo family who are mourning the loss of their mother
  • The family of Letty Gonzales who passed away
  • Abel Mora who is in critical condition, and for his wife
  • Those who tested positive for COVID
  • Janette Izquierdo who is mourning the loss of her father
  • John Marlin’s father, Ken Marlin who has a leaky heart valve and is having open heart surgery to replace the valve
  • The Endecott shop in the new fiscal year
    • Thankful that the Lord has taken care of them this year
  • Tim and Mary Endecott who have some financial decisions to make and are asking for prayer to make the right decision
  • Thankful for all the safe travels
  • Comfort for Anabel’s father who lost his brother and for the rest of the Aguilar family who are mourning this loss.

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