Prayer Petitions

October 15-23 2021

Please pray:
  • for those mourning a loved one
    • Sister Tina and Brother Miguel who lost their youngest son, Mikey, and for Mikey’s family and friends
    • Sister Ana and her husband who lost their son, Ignacio and for Ignacio’s family and friends
    • Loretta who lost her mother, Rebecca, and for Rebecca’s loved ones
  • Eufemia asks for prayer for unity in the church
  • for healing
    • Karen is thankful her grandson is doing better and asks for continued prayer for his healing
    • Minnie asks for continued prayer for Brother Netti who isn’t doing well and his family
    • Sister Jessica Winchill asks for prayer for her husband Dave’s brother who is dying of cancer
    • Julia Davila asks for prayer for her cousin’s husband who is sick
    • Karen’s mother-in-law and her sister Ana who aren’t doing well
    • Minnie asks for prayer for her husband, Victor who is having lung issues and has an appointment on Wednesday
  • thanksgiving
    • Minnie is thankful that Victor is okay
    • Elia is thankful that Connie is out of the hospital and back home
    • Nepthali is thankful for a new job where they understand he is unable to work Saturdays. Continued prayer it goes well
    • Julia Davila gives thanks the and her sister made it to Michigan and back safely and that they were able to see their cousin
    • Diana Gonzalez is thankful she was able to see her cousin and is thankful that her grandson, Jared is back from Afghanistan and that God kept him safe

If you would like us to pray for you, please email us at or let us know your request below:

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