Prayer Petitions

June 19 – June 25, 2021

Please pray:
  • for Dianne who will be having tests done this week
  • for healing and comfort:
    • Rebecca’s coworker, Dorothy, who has cancer and is unable to take pills that help it due to low white cells in her system
    • Abe’s friend Shari’s new grandson baby Dax is sick….jaundice, infection & heart irregularities
    • Sister Connie
    • Juanita’s husband Netti was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and started chemotherapy this week
    • Ignacio Carrillo, Sylvia’s father, is in hospital for tests
    • Karen’s friend Delores Morales’ father, Leo Hernandez, he was recently diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer
    • Phil Pansoy is going back and forth in the ICU and is having trouble with his brain. We pray for continued healing and full recovery so he could return to his family.
    • Lisa Mae’s friend, Jody, was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer
    • Victor’s best friend, Scott, has an aggressive cancer, the treatment has been working, prayer for healing and also for his wife Leanne who also has an auto-immune disease
    • Fernando Lozano who has cancer in his stomach
    • Aaron’s uncle Lee whose dialysis is not not working anymore and for Miriam and his family
  • for comfort:
    • Abel Mora has passed away. Please pray for the comfort of his wife and those mourning his loss
    • Pastor David Ross has passed away. Please pray for the comfort of his wife and daughters and all those mourning his loss
    • Pastor Antonio Vega’s wife lost her grandmother, parents, a brother, and a sister to COVID
  • for Kass, who prays for redirection and that God may lead her to the Truth
  • for Nicole Burris
  • for traveling mercies:
    • Aaron and his family will be going to California on Wednesday, prayers that God gets them there safely

Thanks & Answered Prayers

  • Minnie gives thanks that Alana was given another year of life and that Katja was feeling sick but is now better
  • Dan and Danny boy were in a car accident, they are grateful no one was hurt
  • Jose gives thanks to God
  • Rachel made it back to Texas safely
  • Zechariah went to and from Virginia home safely
  • Elia, Sarah, Jazmin, and Mharla went to and from Colorado safely
  • Anabel’s father is doing better, the doctors found nothing concerning
  • Anabel and Homero are grateful
  • Doris is grateful that God sent Dan, Febe, and others to comfort and care for her in her time of depression. She is doing better.
  • Rachel is grateful that she passed her first fieldwork
  • Connie is thankful she is back home, continue to pray for her
  • The Pedraza families are doing a lot better after getting COVID
  • Nepthali is grateful that Josh is turning 12 this year; pray God is with him throughout his life
  • Elia is grateful that her cousin Veronica is doing better and the twin babies are doing well continued prayer for her and the twins
  • Karen’s silent prayer was answered and she is grateful
  • Jose is grateful that his new schedule does not interfere with the Sabbath and that there was no real damage in the car accident he had
  • Vince gives thanks for his answered prayer, they found a caregiver for his father who has Alzheimer’s and asks that we continue to pray for him
  • Rachel gives thanks and asks that God be with her during her 8 weeks of field training

If you would like us to pray for you, please email us at or let us know your request below:

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