Women’s Study Group

The Seven Deadly Sins

Source: BibleInfo


7/24Lust – Elia Davila
8/7Gluttony – Sarah DavilaSarah Davila
8/21Greed – Karen AvalosRachel Davila
9/4Sloth – Katja MaywoodKaren Avalos
9/18Wrath – Maria de Jesus
10/2Envy – Anabel RamosDianne Davila
10/16Pride – Dianne GarciaLisa Endecott
10/30Study by Minnie Maywood
11/13Study by Elia Davila

We would love for you to join us! Please contact us at cog7justicewomen@gmail.com for more information.

If you would like to lead a study, please schedule it here.

Availability from May 22 – June 26th

Upcoming Studies
  • Dianne Garcia – May 29th

For Karen and Jr

For Connie