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Saturday Schedule

2:00 pmAt Home Church – ZoomBook: Comfortable Christianity
6:00 pmGame Night4/18 – Jeopardy on 1 Samuel 1-15

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About the Book:

Everyone knows (or thinks they know) who Jesus is. Whether they go to church, used to go to church, or would never go to church, everyone has a pretty good idea who Jesus is based on the disingenuous ways Christianity has been practiced. Have we encountered Jesus, or something else? Are we His followers, or something else?

Source: Google Books

About the Group Study Guide from the Author:

This guide is designed to facilitate an edifying group discussion. Each chapter has a quick summary, a key verse, and discussion questions. I hope my openness allows you to be transparent as well, because we need to encourage and keep one another accountable.

Source: Google Books

Meet Us

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